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    All-inclusive professional offices ranging in size from 117 to 705 square feet

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    Create a professional Denver presence for your business.

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    9 business-grade meeting rooms seating up to 75 people

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  • Denver Executive Office Suites, Virtual Offices, Conference Rooms & Live Reception Service

    Custom Office Space – Without The Hassle!

    The Boardroom Executive Suites provides individually-tailored, ready-to-use office space, TOP-NOTCH Coworking and Virtual Office environments, Conference Space, Advanced Telecommunications and Administrative Support Services to the Denver Metro Area. The Boardroom team EXCELS at providing our clients a MODERN, high-quality workplace environment that combines both comfort and professionalism with up-to-date, 5-Star amenities to create an office space in which you feel comfortable working and where you can be proud to meet with your clients!

    Benefit From Our Knowledge of Business and Real Estate

    As a LOCAL, entrepreneurial-minded business, we understand the challenges you may face in running a business of your own! With over 27 Years of workplace expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of the Denver business scene, we have PERFECTED the art of creating the OPTIMAL Office Plan to suit your unique, DYNAMIC business needs!

    The Boardroom Executive Suites offers a comprehensive array of office products including:

    • Full-Time Offices
    • Virtual Offices
    • Mail Service
    • Live Reception Service and Administrative Services
    • And a VARIETY of well-appointed Conference Rooms to enhance your team’s meeting productivity!

    Our HIGHLY-SKILLED business support team, and up-to-date technology and telephony infrastructure ensure that you meet your productivity goals beginning the moment you join our community!

    Perhaps best of all, our terms are FLEXIBLE, allowing your office space to flex along with your ever-changing business needs.

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    How Do You Prefer to Communicate?

    Our Centers include:

    Office Space

    • Dedicated offices for 1—10 people
    • Telecommunications included
    • Terms ranging from month‐to‐month to 2 years
    • All‐inclusive pricing, including parking

    Virtual Offices

    • Virtual plans starting at $65/month
    • Month‐to‐month plans, keeping your risk to a minimum
    • 5 options to select from
    • Digital mailbox services available

    Meeting Rooms

    • 8 meeting rooms seating up to 75 people
    • Spaces available on an hourly, daily or weekly basis
    • Online booking available
    • Free, on‐site visitor parking

    Reception & Concierge Services

    • Professional on‐site staff, available on‐demand
    • Live reception service on your incoming phone calls
    • Free up your schedule by allowing our employees to

      take care of your administrative tasks

    What They’re Saying

    One year later, and I wish I had made the change years ago! Nathan Jansch runs a first class operation. The support staff is the best I have ever had - I can't say enough good about Christopher and Gina. Every client I have had that has come into both my old space and my new space says I definitely moved up (and my old one wasn't too shabby - just imagine how great my (not so new) new one is!)

    Elizabeth C. Lewis

    Company Name: Law Office of Elizabeth C. Lewis

    I feel very fortunate to be a client of the Boardroom Executive Suites. Nathan is a wonderful manager who takes pride in providing professional services and space and accommodates all of my requests and inquiries. - Amy Symons, Esq.

    Amy Symons

    Company Name: Symons & Ratner, LLC

    (The) Boardroom Executive Suites has always been a very professional and enjoyable place to have my business. They are friendly and helpful. Always there when I need them the most.

    Tobie Bonahoom

    Company Name: Repair IT Services

    Its been a pleasure to be here from the beginning. This is truly is my home away from home.

    Jan Cleveland

    Company Name: Scheid Cleveland

    Thank you for allowing me to have the luxury of large company staff services (receptionist/meeting space) without having to be a large company!

    Becky Roland

    Company Name: Phoenix AMC

    The Boardroom Executive Suites provide a professional atmosphere in which to conduct business. I have recommended it to other small business owners and will continue to do so!

    Bryan Gunn

    Company Name: Studio Gunn Architecture

    I am absolutely impressed with the wonderful service of the management and support staff! Great location, well appointed spaces and very professional. I have used the competition............hands down, this is the best company in Denver for your virtual office needs. As a Real Estate Brokerage, we find this space perfect for our needs. I highly recommend!

    Silvana Smith

    Company Name: Denver Real Estate Services

    “We look to reduce operating costs any way possible. We are happy and satisfied members of The Boardroom Executive Suites. The Boardroom has created tremendous cost savings over a traditional office. Not only do we save money… we have an office manager and receptionist included. YellowSchmello is happy with the convenient (to say nothing of Class A) location. It is a great place to bring clients – as well as to meet with our virtual staff. If you are looking for a place to office we highly recommend Nathan Jansch's Cherry Creek Office location. ”

    Jill Wisehart

    Company Name: YellowSchmello ( www.yellowschmello.com )

    Denver Office Location


    Cherry Creek Location

    Ptarmigan at Cherry Creek
    3773 Cherry Creek North Drive, Suite 575
    Denver, CO 80209

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