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    Lets talk about millennials. As this generation came into their career age, the business world was in flux. Technology, the World Wide Web, the global village, international trade and travel, the strong middle class…. and the list goes on. Long gone are the days when you could work in a factory for your whole life and raise your family, knowing your place in society was solid. Job security is a precarious topic these days. So, what makes the growing core of this generation tick? And how can you get in on it? There is a study called NextGen to start this discussion! “Where Generation X values control over work, development opportunities and pay satisfaction, Millennials are driven by the more social needs of flexibility, appreciation and team collaboration” Many millennials identify their work habits as multifaceted; calling themselves entrepreneurs, tech-pros, freelancers and bartenders all at once. A one track career path is seen as insufficent or lacking in growth opportunities. Life-work is connected now more than ever, and everyone wants a personal experience – to work hard for a brand that aligns with their belief system not just their bank account.

    Most millennials, like any other generation, want to work hard to reach their goals. The difference is the younger generations want to work hard at something that they believe in and connect to. Young people have tons of great ideas, sometimes it is just hard to know where to start. Reaching out to the millennial generation whom are now in their twenties and early thirties, can boost your small business tenfold. Contract work and virtual employees are changing the way people work and how your business is run. The traditional life long employment guarantee is being replaced with shorter contracts and flexibility. Businesses are valuing work ethic and performance over tenure and seniority. When looking to hire new talent, approach every position and candidate with a partnership in mind. Switching jobs and career paths is commonplace; working for multiple companies and running your own side job is increasingly popular.

    Jeffrey Arnett, a research professor in the department of psychology at Clark University in Massachusetts, said millennials are “adventure movers.”
    “Their motivations for moving are influenced by a sense of adventure, making these moves relatively short-term,” Arnett said. “More than any generation before them, millennials have defined their 20s as a period of freedom and instability. This flexibility allows millennials to make moves in search of new job opportunities or adventures, even if they don’t plan to stay in the long run.”

    This statement should not be seen as a negative point for business owners looking to hire. Establishing partnerships and hiring millennial adventurers means they are go-getters. Connecting with a young, free-spirited work force will connect you to their far-reaching and growing network. Keeping in contact with contract workers after the job is complete. This is an amazing way to keep your brand and name in the loop. LinkedIn and Facebook pages are great for continuing relationships beyond the physical realm. Contract and freelance employment options should be embraced by more businesses. Many large corporations have the option to work from home, even if it is only one day a week.

    Establishing a brand presence in cities across the country (and even the world) will attract top millennial talent and opportunities. A virtual office combines flexibility and prestige; not to mention a number of useful services that will support your business objectives. Keep an open mind, and be genuine in your approach to the millennial population and the possibilities are endless.

    August 3rd, 2017

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