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  • gadgetsThe inventions, gadgets and technology never stop improving or being created in today’s fast paced world. Fortunately, small businesses are certainly not left out of this loop! Today we explore a few new gadgets that have come on the recent market and how they might assist operations at your company. 

    • Swivl: This handy electronic personal cameraman connects with your iPhone as a marker and follows your movements as you demo a product, delve into a presentation, or engage in a live video chat. It also has a built in microphone that tunes into your voice to ensure you’re heard loud and clear, even if you navigate around the space. If recorded talks, lectures, or live discussions are commonplace in your work, the $159 price-tag may be well worth the investment!
    • DocuSign: Not exactly a gadget, but more so a space and time saver, DocuSign allows you to upload and share documents securely with anyone, no matter where they may be. This way, you can keep your cabinets space free and not worry about potentially losing paper trails along the way.
    • BlueAntS4: Small business owners on the go can find increased productivity (and safety) with this 100% hands-free device. With your voice, make and receive calls, and have text messages read aloud to you in your car. It can even give you directions via GPS connections, giving you full attention to the road without missing out on a single opportunity!
    • NeatConnect: This little scanner electronically files paper documents to a digital format. They can be sent to your own cloud, your email, or anywhere you dictate.  Furthermore, it’s “smart” enough to recognize text documents for categorization, as well as extracting tax documents upon request.
    • Intel True Key: This facial recognition software program allows users to sign into all accounts without having to remember increasingly complicated passwords ever again! Increase your security and reduce your frustration by implementing True Key to all your accounts to keep them always safe and readily accessible.

    From the small business professionals we interact with on a daily basis, we feel some or all of these could be put to good use for the right small company. If you have a favorite technology or gadget that helps your small business, feel free to leave a link in the comments to share with others!


    May 4th, 2017

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