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  • managed officeFor many small businesses, the idea of leasing out office space can be daunting. Up front costs for furniture, computer equipment, Internet, or even parking can quickly cause entrepreneurs to retreat to their home offices for as long as possible. Fortunately, the business world has adapted somewhat in recent years to allow small business owners greater flexibility.  Specifically, managed office space is a great solution for many entrepreneurs that takes away a lot of up-front headache associated with running one’s own office.

    • Shorter lease terms. Rather than signing up for years at a time for more space than necessary, managed office space allows for just one or two offices or a suite to be rented for anywhere from month-to-month to an annual term. If you’re uncertain of how your startup is going, paying for just a few months at a time may be the safest way to go. Some offices, such as us as The Boardroom Executive Suites, even offer hourly office space with no contract necessary. Virtual offices may be another option that allow for usage of mail and conference room usage, but on a flexible month to month basis.
    • Exemption from new upcoming accounting provisions.  Another added benefit to less than 12 month leasing is that no debt or liability report will be necessary per changing provisions in 2019. Starting in this upcoming year, all listed companies and businesses will be required to report the impact of their work spaces via debt in terms of real estate, making their financial state more transparent in public records.  By utilizing a managed, independent work space, this process can be avoided entirely.
    • Access to meeting rooms as needed. Managed space tends to offer meeting rooms for rent that can be reserved by anyone on the floor or in the building.  The furniture and technology systems are already in place and are professionally maintained.  At the Boardroom, we even offer online scheduling via Liquidspace.com to allow access 24/7.   No need to pay for additional office space to be leased out for only occasional use.
    • Fully furnished and ready to go. The all-inclusive nature of managed office space makes sign up and move-in a cinch. Furniture is often offered as an included option, as is telephone/call answering, internet, corporate sized printer/scanner, and mailing services.  No need to coordinate with contractors, pay movers, gather numerous liability coverage documents, or waste time getting yourself and your employees situated. Much of the time, all you need to bring is you and your computer!
    • Reception services are there when you’re not. During business hours, having a front desk agent available can take care of basic client’s needs and give you greater flexibility and better work-life-balance. Receptionists can sign for important packages and notify you of their arrival, answer and forward phone calls even when you’re out of the office, and be available for pick up and drop off items for clients. All of these services are often included in managed office spaces, and certainly are at The Boardroom.
    • Networking opportunities. Often it can be isolating when getting set up in a large private office space with few, if any other tenants around within the building (or at home!). Managed offices often cater to other small businesses as well, host regular outreach activities, and offer communal mingling spaces to get to know your professional neighbors. There’s ample opportunity to spread the word of your small business, as well as having a variety of other services potentially at hand.
    • Fast response to present and future needs. Having onsite management available on a daily basis allows most issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently.  This can be very different from a corporately owned or leased space where it may take days to initiate any response from even the simplest of questions or concerns.

    If your small business is on the brink of considering an independent space, a managed office very well may be the smoothest, most cost-effective, and painless transition.  All managed locations should offer tours upon request as we do. Check out your local managed office options and consider their amenities and the many benefits listed above when looking to make a final decision that can help secure your company’s success as a small business.


    September 13th, 2016

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