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    The easiest and most effective way to stay healthy while traveling for business is to get your legs moving! Walking is winning.Do everything you can to walk as often as possible. There’s no better way to explore a city than on foot. Fresh air will also refocus your mind and body to be grounded and preform at peak condition.

    Write about your day in a journal This habit will change your life and help:

    • Clear your thoughts and make sense of experience 
    • Detail your personal history
    • Enhance your creativity and learning

    Keeping a journal also provides windows of opportunity to write a book or memoir one day. A digital journal is effective too and could turn into an online blog for your personal brand.

    Plan ahead to have healthy foods and snacks for traveling.If you are flying, try not to depend on the airport and airplane food. Bring your own meals as often as possible. Check with the airport to see what food items they allow. While driving, try and rest stop at grocery stores instead of fast food restaurants. You will have more healthy selections at a grocery store.

    Don’t let boredom lead to overeating.Long hours of travel can lead to boredom snacking. Make sure you have lots of things to entertain yourself including good books and music. This can also be a time to get some work done. Most airports have internet and work stations. Pack healthy snacks in the car prior to getting on the road so you will not be tempted to hit the drive-thru.

    Make a bucket list and follow through with it. Traveling for business does not mean you can’t add in a little fun or adventure when you are in a different city. It could be as simple as trying a local restaurant instead of ordering room service. Challenge yourself to complete a bucket list item in every place you travel to.

    Say no to alcohol as often as you can.You may think your colleagues expect you to drink when gathering at the bar after a day of meetings; no one will give it a second thought if you sip club soda or diet soft drinks instead.

    Traveling affects your mental well being as much as your physical self. Being aware of what your body and mind need to be in top-notch condition will allow you to be an energized business traveler. As an active traveler, your business will benefit from utilizing a virtual office to serve as a ‘head office’ so to speak. Taking care of your mail, phone calls and you can utilize Boardroom Denver Executive Suites Available Anytime Mailbox service.Use our digital mailbox service to receive an image of each mail item you receive. This service is available with your Virtual Office plan. Perfect for when you are on the road or in the air.

    July 11th, 2017

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