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  • Take a moment to think about the customers or clients you serve. They depend on your business. They have expectations about the services or good your business provides. Your clients will talk about you and your business to their friends and family. It sounds obvious and simple, but the fact is most businesses continue to […]

    At the Boardroom, we’ve gotten the chance to get acquainted with many small businesses over the years. Some are with us for just a few months while in transition, some stay with us for many years and we are always sad to see them go! Whatever the case may be, we thought we’d write a […]

    The Boardroom Executive Suites is proud to be a supporting member of Carbonfund.org, and are thrilled to be celebrating 10 years of support with the company’s decade anniversary milestone! Carbonfund.org is committed to environmental preservation and sustainability in hopes of reducing greenhouse gases and having a positive environmental impact.  According to their website, the Boardroom Executive […]

    The end of the year is a perfect time to go a little above and beyond for coworkers and employees.  Show some gratitude for all their hard work and dedication by splurging on some holiday fun!  For small business owners that work with just a few other individuals, there are many options in the Denver […]

    Next week is already Thanksgiving, and the popular Denver radio station, KOSI 101.1 is starting to play holiday music beginning today at 5pm. As a small business owner, it can be hard to stay on top of one’s company and maintain productivity as personal events start becoming more demanding.  To help you make it through […]

    No one can deny one of the main benefits of being a small business owner or solopreneur is the ability to work more independently. That said, it’s easy for one to become reclusive in such a private scenario. One of our favorite aspects of our executive suites is the ability to offer entrepreneurs an opportunity […]

    October 4th is considered “improve your office” day!  Whether your office is at home, on the road, or downtown, there are always ways to improve your working environment. Being comfortable and able to perform your best work can be facilitated from the following suggestions; take them into consideration to make your work-space the best it […]

    In metro areas such as Denver, there are numerous office sites with their own pros and cons for one’s small business. Sometimes individuals get lucky and have their dream office in a prime location that is close to both their home and potential clients, but unfortunately many of us have to choose between personal convenience […]

    The last few weeks of summer can be tough to get through. By the time Labor Day arrives, most of us are ready to embrace the last holiday weekend of the season with relish. Everyone knows the week before a holiday weekend can be especially tough.  While you’re busy cramming in last minute projects before […]

    Regardless of your political stance, everyone seems able to agree that the current political race is unlike any other we’ve witnessed before. Now that media coverage expands beyond television and radio and infiltrates multiple aspects of our daily lives, constant updates are increasingly difficult to avoid, which in turn, starts to wear on us; it’s […]

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