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  • In today’s global village and endless virtual accessibility, it seems as if almost every business can ditch the physical over stuffed office space and instead opt for a virtual office. Some business owners have already made the switch, and some are still holding on tight to their bricks-and-mortar storefront or office. Some aren’t sure. There […]

    Whether searching for an office for your small business or for an appropriate meeting room for rent, it is imperative to find the right fit.  Office space and meeting rooms come in all shapes, sizes, venue types and amenities that it can make it overwhelming to find just the right one. For today’s post, we […]

    Used for important meetings, classes, a quiet place to work, or for one-on-one consults, conference rooms can be significantly useful for small business owners or remote employees.  At the Boardroom Executive Suites, we strive to ensure each of our eight conference rooms offer more than chairs and a table.  With each rentable space, we offer […]

    If you travel to other cities for conventions or trade shows, you know how inconvenient it can be to get meeting space at your hotel. Everybody’s competing for the limited space, and you don’t want to have to meet in a noisy, crowded coffee shop or restaurant. You want a professional conference room or boardroom […]

    When you share a conference room, whether in shared office space or a corporate setting, do you sometimes find the conference room taken over by more senior employees who have priority? Do you sometimes find the space in disarray after someone else has used it? If so, you’ll want to help establish a code of […]

    If you’re one of the 15.92 million members of Meetup, you might have a difficult time finding affordable places to meet with your Meetup group. Boardroom Executive Suites offers an inexpensive place for your Meetup group to…well, meet. Don’t know what Meetup is? It’s the world’s largest network of local groups. “Meetup makes it easy for […]

    If you’re planning an event and you don’t have your own meeting facility or conference room, you’ll want to rent a meeting room or space. There are many considerations when comparing various facilities.

    Boardroom Denver – Rocky Mountain Room2

    Why should you rent a conference room at a business center, such as a shared office or executive suite facility, instead of a hotel? The reasons are many.

    So far, you’ve gotten away with working out of your house. But something’s come up. You have to make the most important presentation of your life, or you’re putting on a training session for out-of-town dignitaries. Somehow, your living room just isn’t going to cut it this time. You need a professional and accommodating space, […]