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    Team building can be the key to creativity for your virtual workplace; along with successful and motivated employees. Traditional office lunches and post-workday activities can be updated to reflect the growing virtual office company workforce.

    Ice Breakers are small activities to break up the day that an be most effective and exciting for staff. Spontaneously gathering employees together to take part in a 10 minute task will provide excitement and energy, even in a digital workspace. The Internet is full of little games suitable and engaging for the remote workplace! Amidst all those Skype calls and group emails, throw in a joke of the day, or small work based challenge. For example you could challenge everyone to get 10 new Twitter followers in one day. The winner will be featured on a company social media post as having the ‘most likeable Internet presence’ or whatever you deem appropriate and light-hearted.

    Another good way to connect your employees from around the globe is to provide relevant literature for everyone to read and asking for feedback in a group discussion online. It could be a short article on a recent international event, or you could start a whole book club. Either way it will encourage individuals to speak up and start a conversation that isn’t completely dedicated to the tasks at hand.

    If possible, setting up simple in-person events is always rewarding. It could be dinner and drinks or meeting at the closest theme park, these activities will show your team that you appreciate their hard work and add value to them as individuals, building company culture. You started your business and run a virtual office because you believe in what you offer and believe in success. Share this passion and drive with your employees and they will take pride in their work and your company. Employees will be less likely to quit when they believe in your vision for the future of the company.

    The possibilities are endless for building a creative team while running them from a virtual office; however through providing members of staff with an incentive, they will recognise that their hard work can be rewarded. Start an employee of the week or month program. Track company targets and goals – when they are achieved, provide a reward. Incentives can be as simple as gift cards to Starbucks or Amazon.

    Virtual offices can jumpstart a companies productivity, providing an office address and base point for your company to build a recognizable brand and grow. A virtual office based company should not stop you from building a company culture, and a collaborative workforce.

    June 11th, 2017

    Posted In: remote worker, virtual offices

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