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    Coworking & Virtual Offices Around the World

    Along with office space and virtual office services in Denver, CO, the Boardroom Workplaces can provide you virtual offices at over 650 locations in 42 countries through our affiliation with Alliance Business Centers Network.

    • Quickly and easily establish your company as a regional or worldwide organization with a professional mailing address in almost any major market
    • Be able to use meeting rooms up and down the Front Range, as well as around the world, to host client meetings in a professional business environment office space wherever you need
    • Identify your company as a “local business” by selecting a local telephone number in the markets you wish to serve
    • Enhance your company’s customer service with live reception service on your incoming business calls
    • Improve your productivity with access to enhanced telecommunications features such as; efax service, toll free telephone numbers, find-me-follow-me phone service, and unified messaging, and more.

    • Serve the entire Colorado Front Range with offices in Colorado Springs, Highlands Ranch, DTC, Longmont, & Fort Collins: With locations up and down the I-25 corridor, our network of virtual offices can allow you to meet with clients wherever it’s convenient for them.

    • Expand your business into new markets with little risk and even less capital expense: Tap into new markets in neighboring states or throughout North America without having to sign a traditional lease or hire on-site staff.

    • Incorporate your business in tax-friendly locations such as Las Vegas, Nevada: Save thousands of dollars on income and operating taxes annually.

    • Instantly gain a nationwide presence even if you’re only a one-man shop: In less than ten minutes your company can transform itself from being a small, home-based office into a nation-wide corporation with multiple offices spanning from coast to coast.

    • Set-up up a “branch office” in one of the nation’s leading business centers, like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles: Demonstrate to your clients that you’re connected to the nation’s hubs of industry by having branch offices in these top American cities.

    • Better position your company to receive lucrative government contracts by having a Washington D.C. office: Have a “local” presence in the nation’s capital or near other important government centers to have a leg up in attracting government contracts and funding.