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  • Take a moment to think about the customers or clients you serve. They depend on your business. They have expectations about the services or good your business provides. Your clients will talk about you and your business to their friends and family. It sounds obvious and simple, but the fact is most businesses continue to focus on what they can get from they clients (money, good reviews, more customers) as opposed to what value they can give.

    When you start to focus on your customers and what they want and need, you develop more loyal customers, can offer better products and services, and ultimately generate more business opportunities and sales. Not only does a furnished office space take the stress off of finding a professional workspace, but your clients will take your business more seriously when you have an inviting and positive environment to meet them in.

    One of the most intelligent things you can do in your business is to stop selling and start serving. When you add value to your clients and are looking out for their best interests, they become more responsive to what you are saying, value your opinion and are more likely to see you as a trusted expert.

    Always add value and culture to your customers business experience with you. One of your goals in business should be to give your clients what they can’t get anywhere else, or in a unique way they can’t experience anywhere else.

    It could be as simple as taking the time to tediously respond to all their email questions personally, or having their favourite coffee and snack when they come to meet you at your executive office suite. Showing your clients and prospective sales leads some personal attention and unique company culture will prove beneficial.

    While meeting your clients’ current needs is important, in order to keep up in your industry and establish your point of business value, you also need to anticipate their future needs.

    Ask yourself, what will my clients expect from my products or services in two, five or ten years? What new trends or technologies could potentially impact how they use my products or services? What is not yet being offered that my business can work on today to offer my clients tomorrow?

    September 24th, 2017

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