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  • Boardroom Executive Suites Virtual OfficeIf you’re looking through the Boardroom Workplaces website, you’ll find a number of references to our virtual office services. But you may not be certain what exactly having a “virtual office” means.  Are we talking about a computerized desk sitting in the “cloud” or referencing some sort of software package from Microsoft that requires special digital glasses?  Not exactly.

    In the flexible workplace industry a “virtual office” is far simpler – it’s getting the address, staff, phone/fax numbers, access to cloud computing services, desk space and meeting rooms you need, when you need them. It’s the perfect solution for:

    • A small start-up company that needs a prestigious address and professional services but is operating on a shoestring budget.
    • The home office worker who loves the freedom of working from home but is concerned about the image and security issues surrounding their home office.
    • A growing company that is looking to expand into new territories but doesn’t want to incur the costs of hiring full-time staff who may only end up doing part-time work.
    • The mobile company that has all of its staff working remotely but needs a professional mailing address, reception service and a place for team meetings and corporate presentations.
    • Or, a seasonal business or a company in transition that is looking to limit their costs and risks associated with traditional office space.

    When you buy a virtual office package, like those available at the Boardroom Workplaces, you immediately gain access to our professionally trained staff and well-appointed amenities, allowing your organization to efficiently and effectively serve its customers with a minimum of cost and commitment.

    Virtual offices aim to provide your business with the physical infrastructure needed when trying to establish oneself in a market on a tight budget. They can give a big boost to your image and facilities, which in turn helps attract new business.

    Here’s why you should consider getting your own virtual office, like those at the Boardroom Workplaces:

    1) You get a prestigious Cherry Creek business address that will impress clients.

    Being in a terrific Central Denver location, like 3773 Cherry Creek North Drive in Denver, will make it more appealing for your clients and guests to come and visit. Once there, you can impress your customers or improve your productivity with the infrastructure, with little fixed overhead.

    2) You get a choice of packages to suit your individual needs

    We have developed 5 virtual office plans for you to choose from, based on our 25+ years of providing virtual office services and seeing what most of our 100+ virtual office members require.  Our on-site owner and operate can also create a bespoke plan that is tailored to your company’s specific needs – just ask.

    3) The ultimate deal on flexibility

    With the current pace of technological and economic change, your business needs all the flexibility it can get.  That’s why at the Boardroom Workplaces, all of our virtual office plans are offered on a month-to-month basis, so you can have the freedom to start, stop, or change plans as conditions merit. (Interested in a long-term solution for your business? Don’t worry, we’ve had members with us for over 25 years… so, just because our agreements are month-to-month that doesn’t mean that we’re not interested in your long-term business.)